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The promise. Although much is lost, we pledge to continue the struggle, so that one day we might meet again in a free and fair Hong Kong.

Despite the multitude of disappointments we have faced, we must never lose our faith in the potential of a better Hong Kong. During these times, we have seen the success of small businesses who share our convictions, the organising of new trade unions sympathetic to the causes of social change, the resounding support for pro-democratic district councillors, and the blossoming of creativity and human ingenuity in resisting autocratic rule. Though these are but small steps towards realising our vision, we must not let ourselves become discouraged by the uncertainties we face.

Whether we remain or leave for somewhere else, we will keep this memory of Hong Kong and its history safe in our hearts. We must continue to preserve our shared memories and experiences, our culture and language. We must remember our roots, and our aspirations for a just society. For without fairness and liberty, without a strong and caring community, Hong Kong would just be a collection of concrete and glass on some coastal rocks.

As we regroup and continue the re-imagination of our home under ever new rounds of oppression by those in power, we must not stop learning about the oppression that others face around the world. It will often be easy for us to compare our plight to that of others, thinking that we have it worst and believing that nobody could understand our unique situation. But it is only by learning from and supporting each other in our respective struggles that we can construct an equitable society that is truly made for everyone.

The Lennon walls have been torn down, our brothers and sisters detained, and self-censorship has become the new normal, but despite it all, the promise stands firm.