How To Help

If you want to further help this movement and those personally affected by it, you may consider donating to the following organizations:

612 Humanitarian Relief Fund // 612人道支援基金

The 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund is for all those affected by the Anti-Extradition Law Movement. Providing resources for all those hurt, arrested, in need of medical/mental health services, and legal services.


To donate, please go to the following website:

Spark Alliance HK // 星火同盟

Spark Alliance is a non-profit organization that provides legal services, medical services, help for those incarcerated and resources for those who are now released to rebuild their lives.

抗爭支援,宗旨是支援無政黨,鎂光燈以外的被捕、被囚者,為有需要的人士、他們的親友提供各種支援服務,具體包括免費被捕保釋及有關法律諮詢、被捕者上庭出入護送及緊急醫療資助、探訪及援助在囚人士及其家屬,以及協助他們獲釋後重新就業等等。 每一位抗爭者,都是燃亮香港的點點星火。

To donate, please go to the following website:

Toronto Association for Democracy in China (TADC) // 多倫多支持中國民運會

TADC was founded in May 1989 to support the student protest in Tiananmen Square in Beijing and the movement for democratic reform in China. They work with other NGOs to advocate for human rights and democracy in China and hold commemorative events on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. TADC does not accept funding from any government and relies solely on donations from the general public. In December 2020, the organization started fundraising for refugees from Hong Kong to Canada.


To donate, please go to the following website:

Toronto HKer Network

Toronto HKer Network is a community organization that aims to connect pro-democracy HKers in the GTA community. They have various fundraising campaigns to support their activism and you may consider donating to their fundraisers.

For more information, please take a look at their Facebook page:


We are in no way affiliated with the organizations listed above nor are we endorsing them in any way. We have chosen these organizations after doing research, for those who want to further help the movement through donations.