Ontario Hong Kong Youth Action

OHKYA is a youth-led group aiming to advocate for Hong Kong and to support the Hong Kong diaspora community.

Latest Project

// Refugees & Migrants Know Your Rights Project – Survey for Community Members //

OHKYA participated in a legal workshop developed by CCNCTO, Butterfly, Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic and Friends of Chinatown, supporting Chinese refugees and immigrants to understand their legal rights. We hope that Hongkongers will participate in the future legal programs hosted by these organizations since groups that support Hong Kong refugee claims are limited. We hope that Hongkongers can learn more about the legal situations and rights, thereby protecting themselves and others.

The objective of this survey is to support HongKongers who plan to settle down in Canada, or non-permanent residents who are new to Canada, to acquire relevant legal needs, including legal/ status information, to achieve “self-help.” By understanding HongKongers’ needs, we can assist those groups in tailoring customized and accessible materials provided in the program. After participating in the program, we wish participants to understand their legal situations and rights. Chinese materials will be launched in 2022 by these organizations.

Mission Statement

Ontario Hong Kong Youth Action (OHKYA) was formed by a group of youths who come from diverse backgrounds, with some pursuing their post-secondary education, and others entering the workforce, all residing in Ontario who is concerned about Hong Kong and other places being threatened by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It was previously Ontario Universities Hong Kong Awareness Group (ONUHKAG), which aimed to advocate for academic freedom and human rights, particularly related to Hong Kong and other regions under CCP control. Our goal is to inform and connect communities surrounding concerns about social issues in Hong Kong and Canada, build a province-wide Hong Kong youth community, and raise political awareness through various campaigns.

Connecting with…

Ontario Hong Kong Youths and Groups and Enhancing Hong Kong Diaspora Community Engagement
Hong Kong Newcomers and Immigrants and Providing them with Support for Resettlement
Canadian Communities to Form Solidarity for Social Justice Issues in Hong Kong and Canada

OHKYA operates on Turtle Island, known as Canada nowadays, where Indigenous people continue to exist, thrive, and resist colonial, environmental, and racial violence. This group upholds social justice values and stands in solidarity with all marginalized people. Individuals and communities that advocate for social justice must support each other to fight against all forms of oppression. Oppression is a global issue; we strive to use our transnational perspectives to educate and connect people.



本組織的三大方向為:(一) 聯繫加港青年並推動香港加拿大人海外社區發展;(二) 為香港新移民提供社區支援;以及 (三) 與其他加拿大社群保持團結而推進社會公義。



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